D&AD Monotype brief submission 2016
The concept I am President shows how he would promote his policies, and the reaction many people will have. The idea is to create an emotional response to how distasteful his views are. 
Poster's - Raising awareness
The posters are in the same style as Donald Trump’s main campaign style. The use of the 3D typography helps to exaggerate Trump’s ‘cartoon-like celebrity style’ policies whilst a contrasting, strong bold sans serif typeface voices the public’s view.
I have used the view and opinion of both myself and others to directly compete with Trump’s harsh policies.
Poster mock up and QR code
To get people more involved they get to have their own voice heard and I think getting people to speak up and get their opinon out makes the campaign stronger. The idea to get the public involved is that they will be able to scan the QR code and have a go at the game on their phones.
The game is giving a platform to get involved and give their opinion. It’s very simple and it’s something people will have a lot of fun with.
You swipe down on the slot handle bar and the slots will come up with a sentence from his own words/speeches and re-word it to target him. 
It’s a chance to have fun. You get to show it to your friends and family for them to have some fun. From there social media begins to play a big part because people start to have a conversation and they start to get their opinions heard and thats when the public start talking about the campaign. 
Outdoor experience 
This will be an outdoor experiential part of the campaign. This will let the public have fun an take pictures and share it on social media. This works the same way as the game but its more to have fun and experience it.
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